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A man sentenced to die in Florida’s electric chair for brutally stabbing his estranged wife and her roommate to death in front of their children and neighbors in 1984, died recently while sleeping in his prison bed. The family of one of the victims feels their taxes paid to keep him alive these 30 years. page 1 Read more

The Justice Coalition appealed to the community to help an elderly woman who had been badly victimized and her house set on fire. See how the business community responded. page 8 Read more



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Victims Advocate  

The Victims’ Advocate will introduce victims whose lives have been affected by crime and those who work with the Justice Coalition to help these innocent victims of violent crimes.

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September 2014 Issue

Page 1 Lisa Root: Why was he allowed to die before his death sentence was carried out?; – Jay Howell - Victims of Human Trafficking; Part Two; Angela Corey - Restitution Enforcement Program

Page 2 Ann Dugger: Bullying, fighting, school shootings… What is the answer for school safety?; Inspirational Thought; Pray Jacksonville

Page 3Protect and Serve

Page 4 Root: Death sentence - cont.

Page 5 Howell: Prostitutes - cont.; Corey: Restitution - cont.; Family Support Services: Missing Children

Page 6 Reward Poster; Join ShAdCo; Shame, Shame, Shame;

Page 7Mayor Alvin Brown: School success means a safer community; National Night Out; On the Lighter Side

Page 8 Hats Off!: Community Businesses come together for Marti Williams

Page 9Pam Bondi: AG teams up with local law enforcement and drug prevention leaders; Save the Date - Champions for Justice; Scam Alert!: Area Resource Guide

Page 10 We Need Your Help: Unsolved Murders

Page 11 Missing Persons

Page 12 Back to School Safety Tips

Page 13JSO Wanted

Page 14 Nassau County’s Most Wanted; BUSTED

Page 15 Baker/Bradford/Clay/St. Johns Counties: Most Wanted; POPs; Where you can find the Victims' Advocate

Page 16 Special Thanks

Victims Advocate Archives
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Executive Director:
Ann Dugger
Lisa Root
Victim Advocate:
Lysa Telzer
Crime Victim Advocate:
Scotty McGee

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Office Depot Sonny's BBQ Firehouse Subs Jacksonville Landing
  • Jacksonville Public Libraries
  • Famous Amos Restaurants
  • Larry’s Giant Subs
  • Participating Gate Food Post
  • Wal-Mart (select locations)
  • McDonald Restaurants
  • Most major downtown buildings, which includes the Courthouse, City Hall (old and new), and the Police Memorial Building
Green Cove Springs:
  • Clay County Sheriff's Office
  • Clay County Admin Bldg.
  • Quigley House
  • Green Cove City Hall
  • Harvey's Grocery
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The Justice Coalition is a non-partisan, non-profit organization serving innocent victims of violent crime on Florida’s First Coast

The Justice Coalition
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